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    Steve Smith July 5, 2011

    Enjoyed meeting the Leone family on Skype last night. Hope that the rest of your time in Italy is as enjoyable.

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    anitasmith July 5, 2011

    The lovey Leone family, thank you for taking care of my Little Boy. You are a real ray of sunshine all three of you, lovely to meet you on Skype. If you get as far as England in your camper van then you must come and stay with us, you can show me how to make a proper Iatalian Pizza. Laurence have a great day tomorrow and say chow to Kez. x x x

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      donatella leone August 22, 2011

      today we come back from holiday: we were in france and when we crossed col de larche we thought about laurence and spaghetti we ate the night we met him (too well done because I have to speak with him and pay attention to my grammar mistakes!) If we’ll come in england we’ll be happy to meet you, thank you for your invitation. We follow laurence (with less weariness from home..!!) in his cycling. We speak about Laurence to our parents and friends and when we have some news we inform them about him.

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    gavinleone July 7, 2011

    Im planning a solo cycle trip over the alps into Italy in late August – would be great to meet up but Im sure Italy will be well behind you by then. you’re doing great – happy peddling! Gavin Leone.

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      Loz July 16, 2011

      Yep, Italy is now but a memory! By late August, I will be saying goodbye to my current stoker, and will be alone again – cycling through Turkey and onwards to Iran. Heading into such an unknown is a v.exciting prospect.

      I dare say it’s probably why you’re potentially embarking on a simiiar adventure in The Alps. Best of luck with it…if you need any help or advice, just drop me a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

      Thanks again for your various messages of support…means a lot,


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    donatella leone August 12, 2011

    ciao Laurence! Noi siamo molto felici e fieri di averti conosciuto. Ti seguiamo (con meno fatica) nei tuoi spostamenti. Continua così, la lovely family Leone.

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      Loz August 16, 2011

      Bello sentire da voi Donatella! Anche se ho solo incontrato tutti voi molto brevemente, ho ancora un ricordo molto affettuoso della serata al Col de Larche, così come a casa vostra. Spero che un giorno di essere in grado di darvi il benvenuto nella nostra casa in Inghilterra!
      I migliori auguri a tutti voi. Dire ciao a Anna da me,

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