• Scooter's in the Sahara - more than 40 Honda C90 scooters donated since 2005
  • Donated equipment being distributed in Bansang
  • Kettering General Hospital have supported Bansang from the very beginning
  • BHA funded body refrigeration unit being fitted by a volunteer
  • Stuart & Steve - supporting computer infrastructure in Bansang since 1999
  • My daughter, Alexia, teaching staff how to use the computers (1999)
  • We have had hundreds of doctors/nurses volunteer since 1992
  • Our volunteer accountant, Richard Harvey, in Bansang
  • Pete Trotman (Eagle Pest Services) donating time and expertise to eradicate rats/cockroaches

The Bansang Hospital we see before us today is a truly remarkable place. It is an oasis of hope that has sprung from a scene of absolute despair. This brilliant and inspiring transformation simply would not have been possible without the support of people just like you. If you are yet to be a part of the Bansang story, we hope you'll consider joining us. You will be helping to safeguard the lives of 600,000 acutely vulnerable people. You will also be helping us to demonstrate that effective healthcare can be delivered to everyone - even in environments as challenging as Bansang.


There is nothing more inspiring than someone pushing into uncharted territory in the name of helping others. From pub quizzes to ultra marathons, our wonderful supporters continue to go the extra mile for Bansang.

If you fancy pushing yourself to the limit, whether mentally or physically, why not push yourself in our name?

The Go Fund Me platform makes it easy for you to set up a donation page and our charity structure means we can tell you where every penny of your donation is  spent.

For more information, contact Anita


Bansang Hospital wouldn't be the remarkable place it is today without people like you. In fact, it likely wouldn't be here at all, please help us to secure the future of this wonderful, fragile place.

Donate to either the PayPal Giving - BHA Core Donation Fund (link below) or a specific fundraising campaign (details below) or become a long-term monthly donor using the downloadable Standing Order and Gift Aid forms (below);

Donate via PayPal: please click on link below.
  • PayPal Giving - BHA Core Donation Fund

  • Donate to our 2021 Appeal: Funding for the update of the Post Natal Ward plus gifting all staff with a sack of rice. We use Go Fund Me for this fundraiser, please click on link below;
  • Update Maternity Ward plus gift to all Staff

  • Donate Monthly: To download a Standing Order form and a Gift Aid form please click on the two links below.
  • Direct Debit form + Gift-Aid form

  • Thank you so much for your support, it is very much appreciated.  


    Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the appeal. In the UK they are the ones who load the containers, put on fundraising events, and spread awareness amongst their social circles.

    In The Gambia, our volunteers have helped completely overhaul every facet of the hospital, giving hope where once there was none. Almost without exception, our volunteers come back with a whole new outlook on life.

    If you would like to join the 'Bansang family' as a volunteer, we would love to hear from you.