Thank you John & Janice Brotherton for turning a derelict building into a home fit for my family (Baba Jeng, CEO, Bansang Hospital)

We are pleased to announce that the renovations are now complete at our Chief Executive’s house. Baba Jeng and his family have already moved in, and are absolutely thrilled with the incredible changes delivered to them through the support of our long-term donors, John and Janice Brotherton.

Those who have followed the story of Bansang Hospital over the years will know that these renovations are far from unique. They are in fact part of an extensive staff retention and motivation program that Anita has overseen for much of the last two decades. It has helped take our staff from living in squalor, to living in accommodation that truly reflects the magnificent contribution they all make to the health and well-being of their people. Valuing each and every member of staff has helped Bansang Hospital achieve the remarkable statistic of retaining almost 100% of its staff for more than 4 years running. To the best of our knowledge, this is a feat unparalleled anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Thank you again to John and Janice; you really have transformed lives over the years, and you have now given a real home to a truly remarkable chief executive.


You can help:

We have created a dedicated ‘Staff Retention and Motivation’ Campaign page on Virgin Money Giving. So if you would like to join John & Janice in supporting this fantastic project, please donate using the link below;

Virgin Money Giving – Staff Retention & Motivation Campaign

(We will be converting all of our website donation links into ‘campaigns’ over the coming days. We are doing this as we think it is important that you are able to choose exactly where your money goes. We also think it is nice for our staff in Bansang to be able to see your donations and the comments you leave on the donation page; it will hopefully highlight just how much support there is for Bansang Hospital from our international donors!)



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