BHA wins the 2013 BPEC Life Award, securing a further £15,006.02 for hospital wide sanitation projects!

Receiving the cheque for £15006.02!

We are delighted to announce that the BHA has been awarded the “British Plumbing Employers Council Life Award, 2013” . This award was set up in 2011 in memory of BPEC’s founding chariman, Raymond J Brooks. It supports projects that “recognise and facilitate the use of plumbing skills to benefit life anywhere in the world through knowledge, imagination and determination”.

The £15,006.02 BPEC Life Award will allow us to completely transform the sanitation provisions at Bansang Hospital. We will at last be able to install new toilets and shower cubicles in the Maternity Ward, Eye Unit, Labour and Female Wards. We are also going to be able to push ahead with a long-term ambition; to build a new toilet/shower block for the Physio Ward and Maintenance Unit, along with a further toilet/shower block for the Kitchen, Laundry and Stores.

  • Anita receiving the award from Watson Carlill
  • Receiving the cheque from BPEC Chairman Frank Glover and Chief Executive, Paul Johnson
  • Rae Davies & Anita with the BPEC Award
  • Anita, BPEC Trustees and the other finalists.
  • Trustee Mark Antrobus, Anita and Nick Foley
  • Rae Davies, Mark Antrobus, Anita and Nick

Addressing the sanitation needs of the hospital have been priority issues for us for many years; it is therefore a hugely important intervention from BPEC, and one which we are so very pleased to have secured on behalf of the wonderful staff and patients of Bansang. Effective sanitation saves lives; this award is going to help us hugely in our fight against unnecessary mortality at Bansang.

Huge thanks go out to Nick Foley and Rae Davies; without their help, we wouldn’t have discovered the BPEC Life Award, or indeed been eligible to apply for it! & finally, thank you again to BPEC for believing in all that we do in Bansang. It is a fantastic honour to have the hospital recognised in this way. We very much look forward to welcoming you all into the ‘Bansang Family’!

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    Jimzewski October 20, 2013

    Congrats, firstly, to BHA for winning the BPEC award ! Secondly, to Nick and Rea for incessant thoughts and commitment for the advancement of BHA work in The Gambia. Well done !

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