Fundraising news: our friends from across the channel get creative with their fundraising efforts, & manage to raise 6,500 euros for the Appeal!

Linda Nicholson and friends fundraising at the local ‘Marche de Noel’

Foreword from Anita: Although I have had a challenging couple of years on the health front, those years have been made immeasurably easier by the support of countless individuals and organisations — both in the UK, and overseas. It is therefore my great pleasure to be able to introduce the  association ‘L’Aide Pour L’hopital Bansang de Gambie’. Set up by my dear friend Linda Nicholson when she emigrated to France with her family, this association has grown tremendously over the years. In her spirited and determined way, Linda has brought Bansang Hospital into the consciousness of many communities that live in their region. I am thrilled that her efforts have been rewarded with so much generosity, and wish the association all the very best for 2013.

“The association ‘L’Aide Pour L’hopital Bansang de Gambie’ have had yet another successful fund raising year here in France – especially considering the financial problems we are all suffering from at the moment. We raised a phenomenal 6,500 Euros for the hospital through a number of fundraising events;

  • The Seguinaud annual plant swap (held in April in our local town)
  • Two horse racing evenings (hosted by two local bars)
  • Various car boot sales (Vide Greniers)
  • We also raised an amazing 1,600 euros on the 9th of December at the Marche De Noel (Christmas Market), which was held in the Capitole (village hall) in Abjat-Sur Bandiat.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank my wonderful friends, Jackie and John Ingram, my fantastic family, and the myriad of other incredibly supportive friends who have helped with these events throughout the year. Their efforts have helped drive our organisation forward in ways that we never thought possible. These successes have given me huge encouragement for 2013; and I shall look forward to helping my very special friend Anita with her enduring quest to help the peoples of Gambia”

Linda Nicholson

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