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    Anita Smith (the other one!!) August 21, 2011

    Am sorry to hear about the problems you’ve encountered in Turkey. But I am positive that your Mum will be delighted to see you back home for a while. It will give her a boost! And you’ll be able to keep her in check too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Safe journey home

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      Loz August 27, 2011

      Many thanks for all the various messages. Sorry I don’t manage to reply to them very quickly (internet is rather sporadic in these parts!).
      I’m sure if the remainder of Europe is as friendly as Eastern Europe has been, my journey back to England will safe and fulfilling! Just 2,400km to go.

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    Mandy August 21, 2011

    Hi Keep your chin up fantastic job so far. Really sorry to
    hear that it has not gone according to Plan,
    ,but I know you will return when it is all possible to
    Finsh your trip . Wish your mum a speedy recovery and
    Hope everything else works out well,safe journey home ,
    Take care x

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      Loz August 27, 2011

      It’s not going according to the original plan…but in these last few days, I’ve had some of the best experiences of the whole trip. So I guess everything happens for a reason! It’ll also give me a chance to take stock, switch to a reliable bike, help mum out with the charity, see my family, and then restart in the new year with fresh ideas and energy!

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    Simon Watson August 22, 2011

    Hi Laurence, I’ve been following your journey with interest (and little envy!), sorry to read it’s ending prematurely.

    Have a good journey home though, perhaps see you around Orlingbury (for a bike ride perhaps) when you arrive home.

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      Loz August 27, 2011

      Just to confirm…it’s only stopping temporarily! & this ride back through Eastern Europe has been great so far. Unbelievably helpful people, and I’ll soon be joining the Danube as it winds its way into no end of countries I’ve never been to (Serbia, Hungary, Germany!). So yes, lots to look forward…and a good opportunity to see family, take stock of things – and approach the whole adventure with new vigour & focus in the new year.
      I shall see you upon my return (about 2,400km away now – so only about 20 days until i’m home)

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    Last of the marwahicans August 22, 2011

    So sad to read this Laurence. I was really enjoying following your progress. I really hope the storm passes soon and things get easier for you. Safe journey back, enjoy A well needed ret at home. Xxx

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      Loz August 27, 2011

      Aaah … Marwty Pellow! So sorry that I’m so rubbish at replying to your messages! It’s always on my to-do list…but, I seem to be getting flooded with messages at the mo…and I can’t really keep up !
      The ride back through E.Europe has been great so far…and v.v.informative (the whole Balkans conflict doesn’t seem to have disappeared…the wounds still seem to be raw, and it’s definitely compelled me to learn more about it all!)
      Anyways, I hope you are all good…and will no doubt catch up with you upon my return

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    The Smith family August 22, 2011

    What a disaster, but with ‘charges’ of £45 per day you just cannot wait for the Iranian visa any longer. If it took a further 10 days you could be facing a bill of close to a £1,000, and of course there is no guarantee that an Iranian visa is going to be granted. So right decision to bale out and return home.

    I know that every waking moment between now and your arrival back in the UK you will be plotting and planning on how you can get this ‘UK to Alsaka’ show back on the road. Well rest assured you will have our support and I am sure your many followers will echo our sentiments.

    Your achievments to-date, on this ride, are quite remarkable and by the time you arrive home you will have covered some 9,000kms and cycled through 15 countries – just awesome. This on a tandem, fully loaded, that weighs 60-70kgs……..

    We are are all so proud of you and what you have achieved.

    Ride with care, see you soon.

    The family

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    Glenis Haynes August 22, 2011

    Hi Laurence.
    Just spoken with Mum and she told me the news before I had had time to check your site.
    This is I know such a disappointment for you but keep positive as I know that you will be plotting the next stage to get back on track asap.
    You know everyone will still be behind you and this is only a temporary blip.
    Take great care and keep pedalling. Lots of love. Glenis xx

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    Pete Lowe August 22, 2011

    Sorry to hear about the difficulties Laurence. You’ve made the right decision and I know you will want to get back on the trail as soon as you can. Stay strong & positive. All the best, Pete

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    julie baker August 22, 2011

    Hi Laurence you have done fantastic job upto now and we are all very proud of you …and dont you forget it..you are an inspiration and we all love you …you will get this show back on the road as they say…ride safely home see you soon xxxx

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      Loz August 27, 2011

      Thanks Auntie 🙂 ! Sorry I can’t make it to Jonathon’s do in Manchester…(I can’t quite cycle fast enough to make it back — though I’ll certainly give it a good try!).
      I shall look forward to seeing you soon upon my return. I hope you are all well

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    Golden Balls August 23, 2011

    Chin up. X

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      Loz August 27, 2011

      I bloody love looking at my website, and seeing ‘Golden Balls’ on my comments list. (I prefered your Facebook comment though!)
      See you in that place with all the dark satanic mills.

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    natalie coley August 25, 2011

    Amazing stories told and many more for the future 🙂 be safe coming home 🙂 and keep positive 🙂 xxx

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    Keith Hargreaves August 26, 2011

    Gutted for you Lawrence but know that you will only go back at it stronger next time round. You’ve already done far more than many of us would dare to contemplate. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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      Loz August 27, 2011

      Keithy…are you telling me that you didn’t fancy a stint on the tandem?!! I’m dissappointed to hear that 🙂 !! Joking aside, you are right…i’ll certainly be better placed to take full advantage of all that an adventure like this offers. I’ve learnt a lot over these past few months (some v.v.tough times – and some exhilarating highs)…so yes, I’ll be working to ensure the highs vastly outnumber the lows on the next part of the adventure!
      I’ll see you upon my return to the UK (I’ll no doubt show my face on the way through to Orlingbury)
      Cheers for all the messages you’ve sent over the past months by the way. Oh, and your emergency fund has helped me to get my bike back on the road!!! It’s actually contributed more than 70% of the cost of a reinforced rear wheel! So yes, thank you for those $$!

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    Loz August 27, 2011

    Many thanks Andy (& thank you for trying on my behalf to get that data connection thing!). As you say, it’s just a temporary setback – and quite fortuitous too…as my bike is showing itself to be rather too unreliable for what I was demanding of it. Time to take stock, switch bikes, and go for it again in the new year (taking with me all that I have learnt so that when the adventure begins again, i’ll be able to really utilise all of the opportunities that such a thing offers).
    I’ll be in touch upon my return…if only to tap you for your wealth of sixties music knowledge 🙂 !
    Anyways, I hope you are well,

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    jimzewski August 28, 2011

    Sorry for everthing..was following your progress…what a snag !!! .its now water under the bridge…I know U’ll be stronger and more determine to live your dream..U’ll prevail.
    SPEEDY recovery to the Dynamo Lady…Keep up BHA going ,
    My heart and thoughts are with BHA

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