Urgent Appeal for Regular Donors

Please help us support members of staff like Kaddy and Mariama

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This is Kaddy, our newest member of staff. Without the Bansang Hospital Appeal, she and her family would be destitute, hungry, and without hope.

With our support, she no longer has to beg for food. She no longer needs to explain to her children why they can’t eat at night, or why they can’t attend school.

What price this life of health, dignity & hope?
We think that is a price worth paying. We hope you do too…

Why we need your help

Kaddy is not alone in receiving our support. Since 1992, your donations have allowed us to help thousands of people just like her escape the pernicious effects of chronic poverty.

The legacy of that unswerving commitment; we now have 50 full time members of staff, each earning a living wage that brings dignity and hope to their entire families.

Prior to 2008, the wages of those staff were almost entirely funded by monthly standing orders from people just like you. Since the financial crisis, our monthly standing order numbers have plummeted, whilst our wage bill has increased to accommodate the new living wage and new members of staff.

The result?

Nearly 80% of the staff wage bill (£1,200 per month) is now paid directly by the BHA.

As a single woman charity, this is creating an unsustainable financial pressure; one which is affecting our ability to make long-term development plans for the hospital. We want to change that.

Our goal is simple:

By the end of 2015, we hope to have enough new standing order donors to cover our entire monthly staff wages shortfall (of £1,200).

We hope you’ll join us in getting there…

Start making a difference today

It’s so easy to make a BIG difference. Just think of a few luxuries each month that you could do without, & then imagine the lives that you will help through the donation you’ll be able to give.

For a little inspiration, why not;

Drink a little less fancy coffee :). 2 Starbucks each week add up to more than Kaddy’s wage each month!
Give up one meal out each month. Your sacrifice will feed, accommodate and school an entire family for a month!

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter how much or little you donate, it WILL make a difference.

  • Just £2 per week adds up to 25% of a Bansang Living Wage each month.
    If you are a UK taxpayer, you can add a further 25% on top of your monthly donation via GiftAid
    Our long-term donors all receive letters each year from the family they support. Their words are better than ours at conveying the difference you will make in their lives!

TO REQUEST A STANDING ORDER FORM; please message Anita using the form below stating that you require the following emailing to you;    Standing Order form and, if you are a UK tax payer, a Gift Aid form

Thank you to our newest Standing Order donors

Greg and Cara Samways, Tony Robbs, Mark Dodds, Eleanor Bah, Steve Williams, Simon Scarrow (our patron), Barbara Philips, Ian Byrnes

& HUGE thanks to our existing long term Standing Order donors:

Peter & Michelle Bates, Hilary Ingold, Peter & Margaret Clifford, Linda & Terry Nicholson, Barbara Oldfield, BBC, Prof’ Paul Davies, Andy & Judy Norton, Lorrie & Bill Lumley, Joni Ager, Mr & Mrs Dillon, Chrissie Summerling, Mary Sheldon, Colin & Heather Aitchison, Jeannette & Chris Payne, Dr Annabel Kerr, Dorothy & Peter Moran, Peter & Jackie Mitchell, Mr & Mrs Williams, Dr Corrine Austin (/Amy), Kath & Richard Harvey, Keith Rose, Robin Messant

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