2005 – Scooters In The Sahara

Dennis Robinson, the only one in dark glasses, and one of his teams prior to departure.

The title of this web entry is Scooters in the Sahara and that's exactly what different groups of supporters did on a number of occasions, they rode Honda C90 scooters from the UK to Bansang. These intrepid adventurers, led initially by the late Bill Oates and latterly by the remarkable Dennis Robinson, rode 4,000 gruelling miles to Bansang passing through Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, the Sahara and Senegal before finally arriving in the Gambia. On arrival they donated their scooters and all of the spares that they bought along to the hospital; they completed this arduous trip a number of times over the following 10 years.

Perhaps it is much better to allow their website to outline in detail exactly what this amazing group of individual achieved Scooters in the Sahara

To get a feel of exactly what this trip entailed please view this video.

I am still to this day amazed at just what they achieved and I am reminded every time I visit the hospital of the huge benefits these C90 scooters bring in sustaining healthcare in the outlying districts,  Anita.