General theatre renovation

The aim:

To completely renovate the existing general theatre, build a secondary theatre, and also provide a number of other facilities/services that will allow for dramatically improved patient care.

Why the need?

The current operating theatre remains almost as it was when first built by the British in 1938. It is rundown, poorly lit, and a depressing place in which to work. The electrical and plumbing systems are equally dated, and are now very much a health hazard. Most critically, there simply isn’t enough space for the number of operations that need to be undertaken at Bansang (time and again, emergencies have had to be queued outside the operating theatre to wait for the previous operation to finish).

The project:

Bansang Hospital only has one general theatre at present, along with an obstetric theatre. As such, the project will initially focus upon renovating an existing room that will serve as the general theatre whilst the other renovation works are undertaken. The whole project will cost approximately £24,000, and will include the following;

  • A new roof
  • New tiling throughout
  • Sterilisation room (funded by the Rotary Clubs of Brentwood & Seaford)
  • Scrub room
  • Recovery room
  • Changing room
  • Office
  • Preparation room (funded by the Rotary Clubs of Brentwood & Seaford)
  • Toilet
  • Additional small theatre for minor operation
  • Additional equipment throughout*

*A large quantity of equipment for the main theatre has been funded by Dr Theo and Mathilda Keller and friends from Switzerland.

Prior to renovation:

The renovations:


This is an ongoing project.

Although the theatres are still being renovated, the anticipated long-term benefits are likely to be dramatic. The hospital will have the facilities to treat multiple critical emergencies. The whole environment will also be more conducive to effective treatment and recovery.

Funding status:

This is a critically important project, and one which Anita and the hospital board of management were keen to proceed with. As such, work has begun even though most of the £24,500 costs have yet to be raised. We therefore hope you will consider making a donation to the BHA, so that we can proceed with this vital project. To donate, click here.