2008 – Female ward renovations

The aim:

To convert and renovate the old Children’s Ward for use as the new Female Ward.

Why the need?

The old Female Ward was situated at the top of a steep flight of stairs. There was no wheelchair access, making it hopelessly ill suited to treating and recuperating women that would often arrive at the hospital in desperate need of treatment. The old ward was also one of the most delapedated in the whole hospital, with broken window panes and punctured mosquito netting helping to exacerbate the already prevalent mosquito problems. With old equipment and bedding, it was little wonder that staff morale was low – all of which had contributed greatly in the past to staff retention problems. The need was great on so many different levels.

The project:

The renovations:


How it is today:


The benefits of this project when looked at in isolation have been quite incredible. Patients no longer have to be carried up a flight of stairs to reach their ward. The new ward is also light, airy and clean (thanks to a very dedicated cleaning team). All of these things help to improve patient care and also reduce cross-infections that had always been such a big cause of mortality throughout the hospital.

However, the true benefit of a project like this can only really be fully recognised when put in the context of the wider staff motivation and retention efforts. The improvement in equipment, facilities, staff accommodation and enrichment opportunities over the last decade has profoundly changed Bansang Hospital. Staff retention is nearing 100% – unheard of in the developed world, let alone in a government hospital in one of the poorest countries in Africa.

Funding status:

With a huge number of patients per year, the Female Ward is always under strain. Its wonderfully dedicated team of nursing staff, along with the ever diligent maintenance team, have done a fine job in keeping the ward pristine. As is to be expected though, vital equipment needs replacing periodically; and there are also many other funding needs that often crop up unexpectedly (at present, the BHA is confronting the prospect of having to replace the beds that were purchased from a UK distributor when the ward was opened. We are still hoping they will recognise that the beds were poorly constructed in the first place – and will thus replace them free of charge).

Aside from this issue, maintenance costs are currently around £1,000 per year. If you would like to contribute towards these costs, please click here. As ever, any donations you make to the Bansang Hospital Appeal will be used in the most cost-effective way to ensure the hospital continues to deliver the exceptional healthcare it is delivering today.