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Endurance swimmers cross Scotland in support of Bansang Hospital and Marie Curie

We would like to wish Kez Traynor and Graham Donald all the very best as they near the end of their incredible “Across Scotland Swim”. Their endurance challenge will have seen them traverse more than 120km of open water in just over 10 days; passing through some of Scotland’s most bleak yet beautiful lands. They are doing all this in support of our charity as well as Marie Curie Cancer Care – and have so far raised a fantastic figure of £2,340.

Some of you may recognise Kez’s name. He cycled the length of the UK as well as Italy to Istanbul with my son Laurence to help raise money for Bansang. In more recent years, he’s also embarked upon ultra marathons and a number of other endurance events.

If you’d like to support the guys as they make their final push past Inverness (and we hope you will), you can do so by clicking on the ‘donate now’ button from their website;

Big thanks once again to our Shambala volunteers :)

My huge congratulations and sincere thanks to all the volunteers who helped out with this year’s wrist-banding and programme selling at Shambala festival. Your support ensured that thousands of festival goers made it on to the site with a big smile on their faces – and a colourful band on their wrists!

You have also helped continue the six year legacy of support that Shambala director Jon Walsh has extended to this charity. Connections like these not only bring additional funds, they also share the Bansang story with diverse new audiences that we would never otherwise reach.

Here’s to there being many more years of Shambala Festival


Anita Smith MBE

Founder & Director, Bansang Hospital Appeal

Fundraising News: Many thanks to our sister charity in France for raising nearly 9,000 euros for the BHA!

Linda Nicholson & friends fundraising at one of the ‘Vide Greniers’ in the Dordogne

We are pleased to pass on the following update from our friends at the ‘Association Aide pour L’Hopital Bansang Gambie’;

2014 proved to be a really successful year for fund raising in the heart of the Dordogne. We actually made an amazing 8865€.

We are a very small band of committee members, but we have some brilliant supporters. We raised the money by holding an annual plant sale in May, along with Vide Greniers (car boots), coffee mornings, a race night and the annual Marche de Noel (Christmas Market) In Abjat Sur Bandiat. We completed the year with a carol singing evening in our local restaurant, the Sense de la Terre in Piegut; capped with the usual seasonal cheer of mince pies and punch!

A huge thank you goes to all those who contributed and supported us. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Kind regards

Linda Nicholson

On behalf of everyone in Bansang, thank you for making such a wonderful contribution. Donations of this magnitude really do make an enormous difference

We hope 2015 proves to be an equally successful year.



Do you have a fundraiser coming up for BHA? We have new pamphlets for you to use at your event

Many thanks to Jeff and Jan at They very generously gave us free design and cost price printing on our new business cards and pamphlets. So if you have a fundraiser coming up, or know of someone that may be interested in supporting us, please feel free to pop by and collect some pamphlets.

As you may also have noticed, we have a new way to donate to the appeal. If you are in the UK, simply text the code ‘BANS14‘ followed by your donation amount (£1/£2/£5 or £10) to 70070. (eg BANS14 £10). This service is completely free, and is run by the Vodafone Foundation. 100% of your donation goes to the BHA.

You can also donate via our usual means by clicking on the Virgin Money Giving donate button below;


Our latest team of fundraiser’s get ready to take on ‘Men’s Health, Survival of the Fittest’. Ice pools, river swims, obstacles and MUD – & all in support of Bansang!

Men's Health, Survival of the Fittest

Event: Men’s Health, Survival of the Fittest (
Location: Nottingham
Date: October 12, 2013, 9:30am

My son Laurence and his good friends – Mark, Fernely, Tom & Umar – have all chosen to sign up for a last minute place in the Survival of the Fittest challenge in Nottingham this weekend (many thanks to Umar for sorting the four of them with places!). This is a 12km obstacle course that includes hauling themselves through a pool of ice, slithering under cargo netting in a muddy pond, swimming across a river , and clambering over all manner of other obstacles. Aside from Umar (and possibly Fernely) they are pretty much completely unprepared by the sounds of it (they are filling in for some other guys that dropped out of Umar’s original team), and have only been signed up for 6 days!

Although it is very last minute, they have nevertheless resolved to raise money for Bansang. Hopefully they’ll be able to reach their target in the coming days – and whatever the case, running for a good cause will no doubt given them a kick up the backside when they are shivering their way across a pool full of ice! They have set up a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving (our preferred donation platform), and would be extremely grateful for any donations that they receive.

If you would like to make a small donation, you can do so by clicking on the following Virgin Money Giving donation link;


You can now donate to the appeal whilst you are selling on Ebay!

We recently discovered a rather nice feature on Ebay UK – all sellers now have the option to give a proportion of their sales total to a charity of their choice. As we are now fully registered ourselves, should you wish to help us via Ebay for Charity, you can choose to do so with just a few clicks.

To get started, simply create a new listing;

Create your listing - Ebay

Then scroll down the page to the payment options area, where you’ll see the charity option;

Raise money for your favourite charity - Ebay

As my son Laurence has discovered, giving a proportion of an Ebay sale to charity is actually very beneficial all round. Should you choose to donate in this way;

  • Your auctions will have a ribbon next to them in the main Ebay search – denoting you are giving a proportion of your sale to charity.
  • Your main product page will also have a big box stating how much you are giving to your chosen charity, as well as the charities mission/web address.
  • You will also get a proportion of your final valuation fee returned to you (depending on the % you are giving to charity).
  • Judging by the current Ebay auctions running in support of the Appeal, you are also likely to get lots more page views, and potentially lots more bids!

This seems like a really positive development, and one which we hope may be of interest to some of our lovely supporters out there. If you would like to know more about donating to the appeal via Ebay, please feel free to contact me. Also, if you have any thoughts about this fundraising avenue, or have any other suggestions besides, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Just 17 days until another intrepid scooter team leave Britain. Destination, Bansang Hospital (via the Sahara)!

The team try out one of their ‘new’ scooters

In just 17 days time, Dennis Robinson will be leading yet another team of courageous scooter riders through some of Africa’s most beautiful and challenging environments. They will traverse 7 countries, 1 minefield, 1 war zone and the Sahara desert – going through all this hardship in order to deliver their trusty Honda C90 scooters to Bansang Hospital.

For those that haven’t heard about the Scooters in the Sahara project,  Dennis has been taking teams across the Sahara for a number of years now. The pizza delivery scooters that they have donated have become an absolutely indispensable part of healthcare delivery in Bansang. They have allowed us to reach communities that would otherwise remain inaccessible – giving us the scope to deliver vital healthcare education and vaccination programs that have saved countless lives.

The scooters are also used for a myriad of other vital things that would otherwise necessitate the use of the hospital’s costly 4×4 vehicles. In short, these scooters are fantastic – and we are forever grateful for Dennis and his teams for taking on this challenge each year!

How you can help:

Over the years, the various scooter teams have set off from Britain with adventure in mind, and come back with Bansang Hospital in mind. It has been quite a profound journey for many of the riders; the impact Bansang has had on their collective psyche is exemplified by the additional projects they have sponsored.

The hospital’s perimeter wall was entirely funded by one scooter team. The 4 oxen that are used to till the hospital’sv community farming land were entirely funded by another. These projects have helped the hospital staff cultivate 100 hectares of land given to them by a local village chief. Now in its third year, the hospital’s ‘Charitable Farming Association’ has helped deliver huge amounts of food to the hospital; providing healthy and nutritious food to the patients (and in so doing, saving countless thousands of pounds that would otherwise have been spent on sacks of food)

  • Sulayman, Laurence, Saran, Jowe, Steve & Sutey - at the hospitals farmland
  • This crop will last the hospital for most of the year
  • January, 2012 - first bananas are almost ready to pick!

The current scooter team would like to build on these successes in a big way. They would like to buy a tractor and trailer for the farming project. This will vastly increase the amount of crops that can be sewn and harvested, and in good years, give the hospital a crop surplus that can be sold in order to fund patient care. This is a wonderful project, and a real virtuous self-sustaining development circle. If you are as enthused about it as the scoots team, please make a donation at the link below;


Learn more:

You can learn more about the Scooters in the Sahara project by visiting their website; 

Dennis will also be updating his blog whilst he is on the road. You can follow the updates here;