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Our latest newsletter is available to download – and we also have an URGENT funding request. Please take a moment to have a read

Dangerous wiring


We are pleased to announce that our winter 2015 newsletter is now available to download. In this world of trouble and strife, it is a very nice antidote…with lots of positive news! However, as is so often the case when working in such a challenging part of the world, we do have some troubling news to report (and an urgent funding request).

Click HERE to download our latest newsletter

In the last year, the hospital has had a spate of electrical fires – any one of which could have swept through the whole hospital. These fires are rather unsurprising given that the electrical system is essentially the same as installed by the British prior to World War 2! However, the size and regularity of the fires are putting into jeopardy ALL of the progress we have made over all these years.

We have been lucky so far, but we do not want to continue relying on our staff to spot and then extinguish these fires before they get out of control. As such, we have committed £36,000 to a reinstallation of ALL electrical and lighting systems throughout the hospital. This is incredibly good value considering the size of the job – and will also give us 60% energy savings in the future. Our contingency funds have so far covered the first £20,000 of the project. We now need to work hard to find the remaining £16,000.

In this, the season of goodwill, we hope you will take the opportunity to read our newsletter – but more importantly, consider whether you can make some small compromises this Christmas in support of our fundraising effort (Cheaper wine? A few less presents? An evening in rather than an expensive evening out?). In fact, speaking of presents…why not make a donation to this cause, and then send it as a principled gift to a loved one? (My son, Laurence, is happy to create personalised PDF certificates that you can then print and gift).

Having just sent the newsletter to our 700+ email subscribers, and our 400 Facebook page members, we are hopeful that we can make some inroads into our fundraising target. If every one of those people were to donate £10 each, we will have gone a great way to covering the entire shortfall!

So please have a read of our newsletter – and if you do have the funds available, please consider making a donation on our Virgin Money Giving campaign page.

Anita Smith MBE MRG
Founder & Director, Bansang Hospital Appeal

Exciting news; we have just launched our major new campaign for 2015!

Please take a moment to read our urgent appeal for new monthly standing order donors. With a bit of luck, we hope it may sway you to give a truly principled gift this Mother’s Day. One which doesn’t last a weekend…but which helps us to continue doing what we have done for more than 20 years. A gift which takes once destitute mother’s like Kaddy from their life of squalor and fear to a life of gainful employment, hope and happiness.

Thank you for your support




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Thank you for supporting the BHA Christmas campaign :)

Christmas campaign; Anita and a patient

We just want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone that has donated to the BHA Christmas campaign, we have had such a positive response to this appeal – please continue to like, share and donate. Many thanks and seasons greetings to you all.

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