Project Update: Just two months after it began, our maintenance block project nears completion! (Thanks to BPEC for funding the build & to the brilliant workers who are putting it together)

  • Site clearing and block moulding
  • Block works in progress- a construction worker mixing cement, sand and water to mould blocks
  • Blocks moulded and ready to be used for construction works
  • Excavation of foundation trench
  • Positioning of baskets and starter bars & concreting of strip foundation
  • Positioning of baskets and starter bars concreting of strip foundation
  • Erecting super structure walls
  • Construction workers busy erecting walls
  • It’s just amazing the progress these men could achieve within a day! (compare this photos to previous photo!)
  • Concreting of beams & lintels
  • Erection of walls & concreting of beams
  • Erection of walls & concreting of beams 2

Building for a better future;

Most people reading this article will understand the mechanics of creating a new building. It generally involves architects, lorry loads of building materials, a myriad of different professionals, various bits of heavy machinery to put things together, and lots of cups of tea! It also tends to cost a small fortune.

Building work in Bansang is VERY different! There is no heavy machinery with which to dig foundations, or building merchants from which to buy most of the materials. Nearly everything (right down to the individual bricks) are made on the hospital grounds, and are laboriously put together in the unrelenting African sun.

Given these challenges, we are simply blown away by the speed with which this latest building has come together. Even more impressive is that the majority of the team (24 youths) were unemployed prior to this project. Just two months later, and they are already a cohesive team working from sunrise to sundown to get the project finished. The skills they will take back into the Bansang community will give them a great opportunity to earn a living for themselves, and their families.

Rather than us tell you all about the project, please take a moment to read the interim progress report that the hospital sent us. It is a highly impressive insight into the way these projects operate, and what they mean to everyone working at Bansang Hospital.

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A big thank you to the British Plumbing Employers Council (BPEC):

We are incredibly pleased and grateful to have BPEC supporting this project via the BPEC Life Award. Founded in memory of BPEC’s founding Chariman, Raymond J Brooks, the award has a simple objective; to use plumbing skills to enhance life in the UK or abroad.

Although this project has yet to be completed, it has already had a dramatic impact. Our local contractor has taken 24 youths out of employment; giving them skills that are readily transferable, and a sense of purpose and pride that many of them have never experienced. When the project is completed, it will give our maintenance team a renewed pride in the vital role they have at the hospital. It will also allow them to operate far more efficiently and effectively – which will ultimately help everyone else at the hospital fulfil their own potential.



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    cara samways April 17, 2015

    Inspiring … looking forward to seeing the finished building, well done so far.

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