We are just preparing to send yet another 40 foot container in the next 6-8 weeks, bringing the total to 50 containers.



Thank you to ‘Uncle Bob’ for his tremendous support over the years; and for providing the charity with storage space at his warehouse in Wellingborough. Thanks also go to our volunteer accountant, Richard Harvey (pictured). He not only deals with all of the charities finances, but has always been there whenever containers have needed loading – and for a myriad of other things besides!

Thanks also go out to Glenis Haynes, who helped throughout the morning (but who escaped before this photo was taken!). We would also like to thank the hundreds of other people who have helped us load containers over the years! Volunteering in this way has allowed us to send 50 containers of aid since 1992…and in so doing, contribute hugely to the uplift in conditions at Bansang Hospital.

Thank you


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