A quick update for those of you that are wondering how Anita is getting on during her current visit to Bansang


“Many burns and snakebite cases. Not going out at night as need to be careful. Changes [at the hospital] are phenomenal, great management. Hospital goes from strength to strength with staff now asking to transfer from RVTH [the main hospital in the Gambia]. All going so well.”

With the Ebola outbreak being just a thousand miles to the south, there is of course a risk to Anita (mum) as well as to all the staff in Bansang. However, I personally wouldn’t wish her to be anywhere other than where she is right now.

Diseases like Ebola – as always seem to be the case – affect the poorest people so disproportionately. At such times, I am proud to say that Bansang Hospital has been transformed into a robust, cost-effective and capable healthcare resource. I am quite sure that if it ever had to deal with such a terrible outbreak, Bansang Hospital would prove itself to be a strong and capable breakwater…a place that would continue to be a sanctuary for all Gambians that are in need, and a safety net for us all against such an awful disease.

So on behalf of Anita, thank you to everyone that has supported this charity over the years. It’s nice to know that in the heart of Africa, there is a hospital that has defied the odds – one which I trust implicitly to keep my mother (and your friend) safe.

(Laurence, Anita’s son)

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