Congratulations to Dr Christopher Bonham and Dr Yuki Takagi who got married this weekend at a beautiful service in Dodford, Northamptonshire.

Chris & Yuki wedding photo

It was a wonderful day, one very much befitting of the couple. Thanks also to Wandifa Samateh and the rest of the Bansang Hospital management for sending such a nice letter to Chris. He was visibly moved when his father read out the words to the wedding party. He had no idea just how much his contribution during his 6 week stay was valued….and it gives him (and Yuki) an even stronger desire to contribute to Bansang in the future.

We wish them both all the best as they forge a new life together (and look forward to having them both return to Bansang in the future)


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    Bob Parfitt August 29, 2011

    Hi Laurence, well done, enjoy the trip home, it is all part of the experience.. Don’t forget if you need a friendly face around Nuremberg.

    Love and blessings
    Bob and Moy Parfitt

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    Simon Watson August 30, 2011

    Hi Laurence

    Completely agree with the bike sentiments, probably the greatest invention ever and much underrated in this country.

    I hope your efforts encourage many others to get on their bike! Personally, I don’t need any encouragement 🙂

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