Our farming project will soon be taking delivery of a new tractor, harrow, seeder and plough (Generously funded by the Scooter team and four other long term BHA donors)

New Tractor

Our apologies for not adding news in quite a while! However, Anita would like to share some exciting charity news. After much deliberation, the Scooters in the Sahara team have now purchased a Massey Ferguson tractor for the hospital. The farming package was completed via the purchase of a roller, harrow and plough (kindly funded by our wonderful long term supporters, Meg and John Townsend, and Peter and Michelle Bates).

Costing £14,000 including shipping, this tractor/plough/trailer/roller is going to help the staff cultivate a huge area of land donated to the hospital by a local village chief. The produce from this project will go towards providing the patients with a healthy and enriching diet. Any surplus will be sold in the local communities – with the profit going towards future farming efforts as well as funding medical services at the hospital.

The BHA is incredibly grateful to the Scooters in the Sahara team, Meg and John, and Peter and Michelle for making such a brilliant contribution. This is a project unique to Bansang Hospital. It is one which really has the potential to make Bansang that much more sustainable, and that much more able to cope with future challenges. It will save the hospital from having to rent the local tractor (which is terribly unreliable!)…and will also play a big part in various maintenance/construction projects that we have planned around the hospital site.

Thanks to all the individuals who made this project happen!

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