Stewart Robinson – our unsung hero!

  • Biset, Stuart and Demba
  • Stuart and Steve Clist with the farming team
  • Stuart being treated by Sulayman

It is my great pleasure to confirm that Stewart Robinson will be returning to Bansang. His trip this January will be his 13th to the hospital in 14 years! It is no exaggeration to say that his efforts have helped transform the way we deliver healthcare!

Prior to 2000, the hospital had a barely functional (and limited!) telephone system, and absolutely no internet access of any kind. Thanks to Stewart, they now have a hospital wide telephone system, as well as a fantastic computer infrastructure (provided in large part by Barclays Bank) that ensures the hospital remains online and in communication with the rest of the world.

Although Stewart’s modesty would perhaps have him saying otherwise, his interventions (along with Steve Clist, John Lovell, Keith Rose and Daniel Robinson) have made an incredible and ongoing difference. When an emergency comes in, we no longer have to rely on hospital porter’s running around the hospital trying to find member’s of the medical staff. Thanks to the telephone system, we are now able to call on the expertise of those member’s of staff most suited to the emergency – rather than just whoever can be found! This ability to strategically deploy the correct personnel ensures we deliver the best care to the greatest numbers of patients. & our hospital wide access to the internet means staff can liaise with experts across the country and around the world.

Our thanks go to Barclays Bank for their support of Stewart from 2000-2012, and to the many other people that have assisted over the years. Have a wonderful trip Stew, and enjoy your well earned Jul Brews!!

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