Just 17 days until another intrepid scooter team leave Britain. Destination, Bansang Hospital (via the Sahara)!

The team try out one of their ‘new’ scooters

In just 17 days time, Dennis Robinson will be leading yet another team of courageous scooter riders through some of Africa’s most beautiful and challenging environments. They will traverse 7 countries, 1 minefield, 1 war zone and the Sahara desert – going through all this hardship in order to deliver their trusty Honda C90 scooters to Bansang Hospital.

For those that haven’t heard about the Scooters in the Sahara project,  Dennis has been taking teams across the Sahara for a number of years now. The pizza delivery scooters that they have donated have become an absolutely indispensable part of healthcare delivery in Bansang. They have allowed us to reach communities that would otherwise remain inaccessible – giving us the scope to deliver vital healthcare education and vaccination programs that have saved countless lives.

The scooters are also used for a myriad of other vital things that would otherwise necessitate the use of the hospital’s costly 4×4 vehicles. In short, these scooters are fantastic – and we are forever grateful for Dennis and his teams for taking on this challenge each year!

How you can help:

Over the years, the various scooter teams have set off from Britain with adventure in mind, and come back with Bansang Hospital in mind. It has been quite a profound journey for many of the riders; the impact Bansang has had on their collective psyche is exemplified by the additional projects they have sponsored.

The hospital’s perimeter wall was entirely funded by one scooter team. The 4 oxen that are used to till the hospital’sv community farming land were entirely funded by another. These projects have helped the hospital staff cultivate 100 hectares of land given to them by a local village chief. Now in its third year, the hospital’s ‘Charitable Farming Association’ has helped deliver huge amounts of food to the hospital; providing healthy and nutritious food to the patients (and in so doing, saving countless thousands of pounds that would otherwise have been spent on sacks of food)

  • Sulayman, Laurence, Saran, Jowe, Steve & Sutey - at the hospitals farmland
  • This crop will last the hospital for most of the year
  • January, 2012 - first bananas are almost ready to pick!

The current scooter team would like to build on these successes in a big way. They would like to buy a tractor and trailer for the farming project. This will vastly increase the amount of crops that can be sewn and harvested, and in good years, give the hospital a crop surplus that can be sold in order to fund patient care. This is a wonderful project, and a real virtuous self-sustaining development circle. If you are as enthused about it as the scoots team, please make a donation at the link below;


Learn more:

You can learn more about the Scooters in the Sahara project by visiting their website; www.scootersinthesahara.co.uk 

Dennis will also be updating his blog whilst he is on the road. You can follow the updates here; www.theoldgrumpy.blogspot.co.uk

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