Paul and Vanessa Myers are to head out to Bansang in January, 2014

Paul and Vanessa Myers, Bansang Hospital Appeal

Paul and Vanessa Myers, who have been helping support the hospital for a number of years, will be spending 6 weeks of their time at Bansang Hospital in January 2014. They will be helping out with building work, IT support and child play therapy (along with the usual host of odd jobs that invariably present themselves!).

If you would like to help support the projects on which Paul and Vanessa will be working, you can do so by making a donation on their Virgin Money Giving page. Alternatively, if you fancy helping us reach our goals that bit sooner, why not open up your own Bansang Hospital Appeal fundraising page? Big event or small, we’re always thrilled to have new people supporting us!

You can set up a new BHA fundraising page by clicking here


Virgin Money Giving has been our donation platform of choice for a couple of years now. Unlike some of the other charity giving platforms, Virgin Money Giving is a non profit organisation, and as such, return a greater proportion of your donation to the Bansang Hospital Appeal. They also save our accountant the hugely time consuming task of reclaiming Gift Aid!

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