Fundraising News: our colourful volunteers take to Shambala once again, and help raise £800 for the BHA!

The wristbanding volunteers, Shambala 2012

For the third consecutive year, team leader Tors Burke, my daughter Alexia, son Grant and 17 willing and wonderful volunteers helped usher in 10,000 Shambala revellers to the festival site at Kelmarsh Hall. They worked tirelessly from dawn to dusk, strapping wristbands on to the eclectic and colourful mix of revellers, and then selling programs too!

Thanks to the teams sterling efforts, the Shambala Festival organisers have been able to donate a magnificent £800 to the BHA; money that will go directly into extending and upgrading staff accommodation. These renovations form part of our overall staff retention and motivation strategy – an ongoing effort that is helping Bansang Hospital retain 98% of its staff year over year. This success – as far as we know – is unparalleled in Sub-Saharan Africa! The quote below hopefully offers an insight into just how much all these efforts are valued by the staff in Bansang;

We say thank you every day of our lives…I say THANK YOU with the greatest sincerity on behalf of the wonderful staff at the hospital, for your time and commitment in helping us to ensure that our renovation work continues. With comfortable homes comes quality care for the patients.

If you would like to hold a fund raising event to help us with our staff housing renovation program then I would love to support and hear from you.


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    Carol October 8, 2013

    Well done. Congratulations to all involved.

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    Bethany September 11, 2016

    Fantastic efforts, well done.

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