Fundraising News: Our charity partners in France raise a further £2,000 for Bansang!

Just a few short months ago, our charity partners in France donated 6,500 euros to the Bansang Hospital Appeal – a wonderful amount that stood as testament to the hard work they had all put in throughout 2012. What’s all the more remarkable is that they raised this money in a region of France that has never really seen or hosted such charitable events.

We are therefore thrilled to report that the ‘L’Aide Pour L’hopital Bansang de Gambie’ have now raised a further £2,000 for Bansang. Judging by the pictures in the gallery below, there has clearly been a lot of hard work and dedication from Linda Nicholson and the many friends who support her in hosting the various fundraising events. Thank you to all that helped and supported the events – such sizable contributions really do make a tremendous difference to the lives of the people of Bansang.

On a personal note, it really is wonderful to see the story of Bansang being shared far beyond our English borders. Seeing how enthused people are about supporting the hospital really provides so much inspiration for me. Thank you.

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