Former British High Commissioner to the Gambia, Phil Sinkinson OBE, becomes the charities first patron!

I am very pleased to announce that former British High Commissioner to The Gambia, Phil Sinkinson, has agreed to become a patron of the Bansang Hospital Appeal. In his former role, I could always count on his calm and assured nature, good judgement and advice whenever it was needed, not forgetting the essential ingredient, a sense of humour! The staff all loved to see him and his wife Clare on their numerous visits to the hospital. Their easygoing nature and humanity clearly struck a chord with the staff of Bansang, who have very much taken them in as members of the Bansang Hospital Family. Indeed, it was at the request of the staff that the Malnutrition Ward be dedicated to Phil Sinkinson, and what a memorable evening that was. He was a wonderful representative of the British Government and now that he is retired he will be an equally good patron.

Here are a few words from Phil ;

“I first met Anita Smith in April 2007 at Bansang Hospital; it was over 50 celsius and my first visit there. I was then the High Commissioner to The Gambia and was making my first tour around the country. We had called into Bansang Hospital to thank the staff for their life saving assistance earlier in the year when a VSO had suffered severe neck/spinal damage having been involved in a road traffic accident. The CEO mentioned to me that a British woman was there at the same time and asked whether I would like to meet her. Well, once met never forgotten. That introduction was typical of Anita’s understatement of herself. Anita showed us around the hospital explaining all the time what had happened over the previous 15 years and outlining what she wanted to achieve in the future. It was an experience never to be repeated. My wife Clare and I have been huge fans both of Anita, her splendid family and Bansang Hospital ever since. I am delighted and privileged to have been asked to become a Patron of the Hospital together with Simon Scarrow. I look forward to helping Anita and her “band of brothers” make Bansang Hospital an even better “haven” than she has managed so brilliantly to achieve up to now.”



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    Eloisa Endres October 29, 2013

    I met Phil in his time in Brazil, and he is one of the most honest and nice people that I have ever met. You guys are lucky for having him as patron.

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    Nuno Dias July 11, 2014

    I worked with Phil when he was posted in Lisbon and a nicer person I have yet to meet.I am sure he is a great patron!

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