Fundraising News: a big thank you for supporting the BHA!

As many of you will know, it has been an incredibly difficult 12 months for Anita. Her usual busy schedule of talks were scuppered by cataract issues, which were then compounded by a far more worrying detached retina. Spending much of 2011 in recovery, Anita feared that her inability to get out and fundraise would have a big impact on all of the BHA’s urgent projects.

It is therefore great to be able to report that despite all of these challenges, you have all rallied around and donated an incredible amount via our new fundraising platform. £7200 raised by 161 people – an average of nearly £44 each. We’re so pleased that people are embracing this new fundraising channel; Virgin Money Giving are the most cost-effective fundraising platform, and reclaim all Giftaid on our behalf! (This saves our poor volunteer accountant, Richard Harvey, from having to laboriously reclaim giftaid!)

The vast majority of these donations have come via the following fundraising pages;

Laurence’s cycle ride

The Bansang Hospital Hardship Fund

Scooters in the Sahara

To all the people that contributed to these causes, thank you – they have helped ensure that our latest projects have been able to continue as planned. Now that Anita is almost home, we will be working hard to show you all the great things your contributions are doing out in Bansang!

If you have an adventure or a challenge coming up, and would like to use it as a platform to raise money for the BHA – we would love to hear from you

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