Adventure News: Anita and team leave the mayhem and excitement of Marrakesh. Next stop, the leather tanneries of Fes

Current location: 450 kilometres from Fes, Morocco.

Anita, 10:30am; “You would expect multiple pile ups if you saw the mayhem on roads. Just seen a motor scooter drive into the main square; mum with baby on the back, toddler in the middle, and dad on the front (he has the helmet of course!). The mayhem wakes every sense in your body! People travelling on top of vehicles, and even a monkey is hitching a lift! Sat having dinner 2 floors up watching all of this crazy mayhem. Arrived 3 hours early to collect visa as city is celebrating new President. Seen lots of mothers sending children as young as 5 to beg. Tough place to live. Bartering was humorous though, and nowhere near as bad as Egypt! Met French team in delux all terrain vehicles; they couldn’t believe that we risked going through Mauritania, or that we wild camped! They didn’t see that they would been more at risk in their fancy vehicles; no tour company would have allowed it anyway as you cannot get insured. Our wild camp in the dunes was just the best; timing it as the sun went down and taking off again at dawn. Now on our way to Fez, approximately 450 kilometres. Not able to wild camp any more as it is now agricultural or urban land. Let Aunty Jane know that I have been thinking of her every day. Lots of love xx”

Anita and team are due back in the UK on the 20th April. If you are enjoying reading about their adventure, please feel free to share these entries with others using the ‘share/save’ button below. You can also receive this and other Bansang Hospital Appeal news direct to your email inbox.

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