Adventure News: rain, vehicle repairs and little sleep. Anita and team stagger on through Morocco.

Current location: trawling around Azrou searching for Mitsubishi spare parts!

Anita, 1:00pm; “No wonder it was so cold. We were 5,000 feet up and the temperature had apparently dropped to 2 Celsius. For any of the scoots team that read this, I now know why everyone was asking you for socks; I would trade anything to keep my tootsies warm! Now pouring with rain. Followed Dennis in a taxi to find Mitsubishi dealer…not easy on these roads, particularly with every taxi looking the same! Now saying they can’t get the spare part until tomorrow from Casablanca…”

Anita, 1:30pm; “…Heading for another garage with a local in tow. Problem now solved, and only cost 30 euros! Now off to Chefchaouen – 180 miles. X X”

Anita and team are due back in the UK on the 20th April. If you are enjoying reading about their adventure, please feel free to share these entries with others using the ‘share/save’ button below. You can also receive this and other Bansang Hospital Appeal news direct to your email inbox.


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