Adventure News: Anita is returning from The Gambia — via The Sahara!

Current location: Banjul, The Gambia

This is the first post in what we hope will be a 2 1/2 week odyssey that will see mum return to England via the Sahara. She has been given this opportunity courtesy of the scooters in the Sahara support team – who are returning to the UK with their 4×4 support vehicle (This team has only just finished traversing the Sahara in the opposite direction; succesfully delivering yet more Honda C90 scooters for use by the key medical personnel at Bansang Hospital).

It’s all very last minute – but this impromptu blog will hopefully document the text message snippets sent by Anita as she joins the support vehicle on its return leg.

1st April, 2012 (no, this isn’t an April fool!):

Anita, 11am – “Will take plenty photos and bring unique present back from Sahara 4 all! Leaving early to get Mauratanian visa. Has taken 6 hours so far to do oil change!”

Anita, 3pm – “Only 1 ferry in action, still waiting to cross! All day to sort out air con’ – now packed up! It’s going to be an experience. X x x”

Anita, 6pm – “Nightmare, just been hit for the second time. Merc has rear en smashed. Ours has syrvived – and that’s before we’ve even started! What am I letting myself in for?? We have to wild camp and set up b 4 dark, at a stand still”

Anita and team are due back in the UK on the 20th April. If you are enjoying reading about their adventure, please feel free to share these entries with others using the ‘share/save’ button below. You can also receive this and other Bansang Hospital Appeal news direct to your email inbox.

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