Adventure News; A very tired Anita and team reach the Moroccan coast. Off to Europe tomorrow!

Current location: Near the Moroccan coast

Anita, 11:27pm; “Have seen 2 vehicles in accidents today. Now staying in flea pit of a hostel; shutters banging hard in the wind and rain. Very tired, lack of sleep. Cross to Spain tomorrow, and head for Mike and Sue’s villa that they are kindly allowing us to use. Vehicle is plastered in mud and we are now pretty grubby. Will see if we can alter our Santander ferry booking so we can cross a day before. That all depends on vehicle having no problems etc”

Anita and team are due back in the UK on the 20th April. If you are enjoying reading about their adventure, please feel free to share these entries with others using the ‘share/save’ button below. You can also receive this and other Bansang Hospital Appeal news direct to your email inbox.

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