Adventure News: Anita and team reach Marrakesh. Time to unwind!

Current location: a pretty campsite in Marrakesh

Anita, 5:30pm: “This journey has been one of amazing contrasts. Mountain scenery changes with every twist and turn…from snow capped peaks, turquoise reservoirs to trickling mountain streams, peasant farmers living in homes carved into mountains made of mud baked blocks, farmland terraces with crops being sewn as we speak. Local people are charming and weather beaten from the harsh life in the mountains. There have been landslides since the scooters went through 3 weeks ago which have changed landscape in parts. Now at campsite in Marrakesh; getting used to communal living, 4 to a tent tonight, very pretty camp site. Just off for a swim before we head into Marrakesh for entertainment, food and a little local shopping. Ian sorting out engine problems at the moment (he overcomes them every time). Diesel now a hefty 70 p/litre, big increase from 35 p in the Sahara! Could you pick me up on M4 next Tuesday PM? x x x”

Anita and team are due back in the UK on the 20th April. If you are enjoying reading about their adventure, please feel free to share these entries with others using the ‘share/save’ button below. You can also receive this and other Bansang Hospital Appeal news direct to your email inbox.

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