Dr Andrew Lowdon returns from Bansang


Dr Andrew Lowdon

Profession: Doctor working for the NHS

Work role at Bansang:

Dr Lowdon has been a great asset on the children’s ward. His skill and tireless devotion to the work in hand really has been inspirational and a great morale booster for staff. During Andrew’s time at the hospital, he
was on call 24:7, demonstrating time and again just how dedicated and concerned he was towards the plight of the children of the Gambia. He will be missed, and of course will be welcome back any time!

Dr Lowden’s thoughts:

“Throughout the length and breadth of The Gambia, I was delighted to find that everyone I met held the name of Bansang Hospital and the work it does in the highest regard. I hope very much to return in the near future.”

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